Workwear Shop Telford

We create professional work uniforms that are comfortable, durable and will help you project your business to the nest level. Or if you are looking for sporting apparel, we have a vast range of sport clothing that we can brand for you. With over 1,000’s of products at our disposal from some of the most famous brands we can match your requirements to the correct clothing brand to suit not only your business but also your budget.

From an initial concept in our design studio to providing a range of different workwear, to bags, caps and corporate hospitality garments we have it all covered. Everything we create is done at our site in Halesfield. Our one stop shop process from design to branded garments to needing print/banners to adding on a website we have it all in one place. Don’t waste your time in meetings with 3 different companies! Pop in and see us – did we mention we have a workwear shop also?